Sweets to make this Christmas fun & healthy for your kids

Sweets to make this Christmas fun & healthy for your kids

Sweets to make this Christmas fun & healthy for your kids

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The Christmas vibe has already filled the winter air, with millions of people all over the world getting their houses decorated and Christmas-ready, with much zeal and zest. We’re sure everyone in your family, especially the kids, must be uber-excited about celebrating Christmas, even more than usual, this year. To make this festive season memorable and joyous, we want to offer a diverse assortment of exclusive Christmas sweets for your kids this year, with our healthy seal of approval.

We understand that, as a parent, you want to elate your kids in every possible way, even if that means preparing a variety of sweets yourself, without compromising on their health. So, here’s some Christmas sweet treats we recommend, keeping your kid’s love for delicious sweets and your concern for their health, both in mind.

  1. Plum Cake The Kerala Plum Cake is one of the traditional Christmas dishes eaten all over India at this festive time, with mixed dry fruits and nuts, which you can make without eggs as well. A Christmas celebration is incomplete without it! So this Christmas, make this delicious cake with our Nutralite Premium Table Spread as a healthier alternative to butter, and let your kids have their cake and eat it too, without any worry about their health. Here is our recipe for the Christmas Plum Cake!

  2. Christmas Cookie Cutouts Snacking on delicious cookies with your loved ones while catching up about things you’ve missed, is definitely a great way to enjoy Christmas to the fullest. So, prepare our healthy Christmas cookie cutouts recipe with butter, here! Give these cookies a variety of Christmas-themed shapes like Santas, Snowmen and Xmas trees, to make them a lot more exciting for kids. You can use our Nutralite Table Spread as healthy butter for this recipe.

  3. Goan Kulkuls Kulkuls, also known as Kalkals, are a traditional Goan Christmas treat, made all over India. So, if you wish to add diversity to your assortment of Christmas treats with an incredibly authentic and yummy sweet, this healthy recipe with butter is exactly what you need – a great snack to munch on for high-tea, or a yummy sweet to offer your kids whenever they’re hungry. Feel free to use our Nutralite Premium Table Spread as a healthier alternative to butter while making Kulkuls in our recipe here.

  4. Chocolate Swiss Rolls If your kids love chocolate (don’t they all?!?), and you don’t want to restrict their Christmas celebrations, you must prepare Chocolate Swiss Rolls for them. These rolls will perfectly cater to their chocolate cravings at the auspicious time of Christmas, and are sure to make them happy! You can use our Nutralite Choco Spread with Calcium for this recipe, as it will not only add a yummy flavour of chocolate to it, but will also enrich it with the goodness of Calcium, Quinoa, and Hazelnuts. Try out this delicious, yet nutritious dessert recipe here!

  5. Stuffed Coconut Crepes No matter how much you try to keep children away from sugary treats, it seems like they tend to fall back into that unavoidable habit. If you want to prepare mouth-watering crepes for your kids this Christmas, our Stuffed Coconut Crepes are exactly what they need. To make these crepes incredibly yummy yet equally healthy, use our Nutralite Premium Table Spread as a healthier butter alternative, while preparing this nutritious, lip-smacking Christmas recipe.

  6. Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies If your kids love the sight of different types of cookies and just can’t help themselves when they are right there in front of them, our Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies can be the perfect addition to your range of festive sweets this year. You can add some of our Nutralite Choco Spread with Crunchy Quinoa while baking these cookies, since the crunchier they are, the yummier they will be for children. Here is our exclusive recipe for Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies, to make your Christmas brighter and sweeter!

If you simply go by this list and prepare these sweets at home, we assure you that your family, friends, and especially kids, will have an incredibly memorable Christmas. Try these amazing Christmas recipes made with Nutralite Premium Table Spread and Nutralite Choco spread variants, and create an impressive, mouth-watering platter of Christmas treats for your children and yourselves, to have a healthy and happy festive season!

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a holly, jolly, and healthy festive time!

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