Indulge in Irresistible Taste With a Healthier Twist

Nutralite Choco Spread: Joy in a Jar

Packed with calcium and quinoa, Nutralite Choco Spread is a ready solution to healthier, tasty treats.

Embark on a delicious journey with Nutralite Chocolate Spread – a perfect balance of delicious flavour and wholesome ingredients. Crafted to perfection, our chocolate spread seamlessly blends sumptuous flavour with the nutritional power of calcium and quinoa. For busy mothers, it’s a tasty ally to ease the daily tiffin stress, offering a delightful snack that ensures your little ones relish every bite while benefiting from essential nutrients. Join us in a sweet symphony of health and taste, making every moment a celebration with Nutralite.

It’s more than a spread; it’s a commitment to a balanced lifestyle.

Why Choose Nutralite
Choco Spread?

Daily Dairy Goodness with Nutralite Choco Spread

Calcium Enriched - One serving = calcium in 1 glass of cow milk

Crunchy Quinoa - Contains superfood Quinoa, rich source of protein

Rich taste of real hazelnuts



Choco Spread With Crunchy Quinoa

Discover the perfect blend of taste and indulgence with Nutralite’s Choco Spread featuring the goodness of quinoa protein and hazelnuts. Crafted to strike the ideal balance between taste and well-being, this spread transforms everyday snacks into a delightful experience. Harnessing the nutritional power of quinoa, known as the mother of all grains, Nutralite ensures your kids enjoy tasty, yummy, and crunchy treats while receiving essential amino acids for wholesome nourishment. Elevate your snack game with Nutralite Choco Spread, making each moment a celebration of both flavour and nutrition.

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Facts & Details

Enriched with Calcium

Balanced nutritional profile

Versatile snack companion

2 spoons = calcium in 1 glass of cow's milk

Filled with hazelnut



Choco Spread With Calcium

Indulge in the goodness of Nutralite’s Choco Spread enriched with calcium. Rich in hazelnuts and fortified with calcium, just two spoons of this spread give you calcium content equivalent to that in a glass of cow’s milk. Striking the perfect balance between nutrition and flavour, this spread provides wholesome nourishment for your growing kids while keeping their favourite snacks irresistibly tasty and yummy. Take your kids’ daily snacks to the next level with Nutralite Choco Spread with Calcium.

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Facts & Details

Protein from superfood quinoa

Tasty & Crunchy

Balanced nutritional profile

Filled with hazelnuts

Rich cocoa infusion

Versatile snacking option

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