Healthy and Delicious Sandwich Treats

Healthy and Delicious Sandwich Treats

Healthy and Delicious Sandwich Treats

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Sandwiches are the most convenient and easy-to-prepare dishes for any meal of the day. But they’re not exactly all healthy, if you think of the ingredients like white bread, a fried patty and spicy sauces.

Wouldn’t it be great to give the sandwich a few simple tweaks and make it ridiculously healthy and delicious? We’ve got some makeover ideas to make delicious sandwiches that are extremely healthy for you.

Mushroom & Herbed Mayonnaise Sandwich

Most often, we pair mushrooms with a fried egg or a potato patty in a sandwich. Forget the fried stuff and the calories; instead, add chopped fresh herbs like cilantro, mint and coriander to Nutralite Mayo Spread and mix them with the mushrooms. Not only will it taste amazing, Nutralite Veg Mayo ensures 30% of your daily vitamin requirements are fulfilled with the amount of vitamins A, D and E present in it.

High Fibre Veg Sandwich

Wondering why those sandwiches with potato or fried patty make you feel sluggish after lunch? The reason is the extra carbs. Replace the carbs with fibre from fresh vegetables such as beet, tomato, lettuce and carrots. They will keep your stomach full for a longer time. Spread a generous layer of Nutralite table spread, which has Omega 3 and is zero cholesterol, making it a healthy lunch sandwich.

Baked Beans Sandwich

Healthy, quick and convenient – baked beans have earned a trendy position in everyone’s regular diet. It’s especially great as a healthy breakfast. How about you try it in a sandwich? Just add a generous layer of baked beans with Nutralite Garlic and Oregano spread on bread. Savour the extra taste, texture and goodness of omega 3 to your sandwich, with Nutralite. Besides, it is zero cholesterol, which means you can enjoy a guilt-free meal that helps you lose weight.

Hawaiian Sandwich

Get your perfect breakfast fix with a Hawaiian sandwich. Not only is it light, crunchy and easy, but when combined with some Nutralite Cheesy Garlic Mayo, it turns into a super-nutritious dish. The bonus: All Nutralite Mayo variants are packed with vitamins A, D and E, adapt to healthy change

Egg Panini Sandwich with Mayo

different way to cook eggs and include it to your meals is by making it a part of sandwiches. A boiled or scrambled egg that’s sandwiched between panini bread and layered with Nutralite Mayo spread, has the added benefit of vitamins A, D and E that fulfils 30% of your daily vitamin requirements.

We bet these healthy sandwich options will refresh your daily routine meals. If you have any other ideas for your own delicious sandwiches, which are healthy, do share them with us.

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