5 Sweets And Savories Where Recipe With Mayonnaise Makes A Difference


5 Sweets And Savories Where Recipe With Mayonnaise Makes A Difference

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Mayonnaise, an ingredient that is most commonly associated with fast food, is said to have its origins in Spain. Around the world, it is often used in salads, mayonnaise sandwiches and wraps, and as a base for a number of sauces and salad dressings.

Most people limit mayonnaise uses to only a few such dishes. However, a little experimenting with Mayo can make a whole lot of difference to many dishes. We’ve put together some sweet and savoury dishes, which can taste magically different, when mayo is added to them.

Let us begin with a word on the nutritional benefits of mayo. Considered by many as the best mayonnaise brand in India, Nutralite has a range of healthy mayonnaise in different flavours. Included in its nutritional stock are vitamins A, D and E, which are essential for many essential bodily functions.

Banana Bread / Muffins

Like to bake? Here’s a simple way to make your banana bread or muffin extra scrumptious. Just add a few spoons of mayonnaise in the batter. It will make the bread/ muffin a little extra smooth and give it a slightly creamy texture. You can enjoy it as a healthy snack in between your meals.


This avocado-based spread is easy to make and delicious in taste. Add a few spoons of creamy mayo to give it a smoother texture. If you’re wondering about different ways to eat guacamole, here’s some: Spread it on toast to make it a healthy breakfast recipe, add it to your salads, have it along with eggs or even add a spoonful to your soup to give it a creamy texture.

Veg and Non-Veg Wraps

Wraps are one of the easiest ways to prepare a quick healthy dish. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, there are a lot of ways in which wraps can be made – raw vegetable wrap, paneer wrap, chicken wrap, and egg wrap, among others. A generous spread of Nutralite Achari Mayo in these wraps will elevate its taste and add the goodness of vitamins A, D and E. Its Indian pickle flavour goes well with all kinds of Indian wraps. What’s more, mayo will make the wraps juicy, rich and more satisfying.

Tomato Basil Sandwich

Need a quick breakfast on the go? Tomato, basil and cheese sandwiched in between wholegrain bread can be a balanced meal. Make it even more appetizing by adding a generous layer of Nutralite Cheese and Garlic Mayo into it. The benefits: added flavour and the goodness of vitamins A, D and E makes the sandwich much healthier.


Have you ever imagined about adding some mayo to the batter when baking cupcakes at home? Try it. The mayonnaise will make the cupcakes extra gooey and smooth in texture. For a more adventurous experiment, try topping off the cupcakes with some mayo-based icing, using any Mayo flavour of your choice.

These mayo-based dishes are sure to perk up your appetite. Do you have more such interesting recipes with mayonnaise? We would love you to enlighten our culinary skills with you interesting ideas.

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