8 Ways to Snack Healthy


8 Ways to Snack Healthy

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Snacks are super quick, super tasty and ever so satisfying. Like it or not, Snacking’s our favourite pastime. However, more than often, we find ourselves going a little overboard, unknowingly of course; one moment you’ve got a full bag of chips and the next, they’re all gone, the guilt kicks in, and you’re wearing a frown. 

But we don’t blame you, in fact snacking’s not a bad habit; if you’re snacking healthy! Good thing we’ve got you covered with our guide that teaches you how to reduce cholesterol and snack healthy.

1. Don't ignore your hunger pangs:

It’s simple, if there’s a rumble in your tummy, you’ve got to eat! Most people tune out their hunger because they’re busy and then end up with a headache and fatigue. This will only lead to eventual overeating and before you know it, you’ll be on a “see-food” diet. The difference here, is eating smart. Try sticking to good cholesterol foods, high in omega 3.

2. Craving ≠ Hunger:

Often find yourself craving a snack even though you’ve just finished a meal? That isn’t hunger. Cravings are usually the bi-product of anxiety, fatigue and sometimes even boredom. Ask yourself whether you’re REALLY hungry before you give in.

3. Make sure you aren't distracted while you snack:

If you’re snacking while watching the TV, playing video games etc. You’re snacking in auto-pilot mode. You’re bound to lose control over how much you’ve eaten. Take snack breaks for snacking, and snacking alone.

4. Can't break up with your favourite snack? Just eat less of it:

Yes, you can have your favourite snack! Just portion it out, instead of eating mindlessly. Smaller plates/ bowls make it a while lot easier too.

5. Set small-achievable goals for yourself:

With a teeny bit of effort, you can set realistic snacking goals every day. A “No cheese” day for instance or something as simple as refraining from a co-worker’s snacks, or ever swapping out a snack for some good cholesterol foods. The sheer sense of achievement after actually completing these goals is golden.

6. Drinking water instead of eating snacks will not help:

There’s a popular myth going around that says drinking water will calm your hunger pangs. Staying hydrated is great, but water cannot rid you of your hunger! Be sure to eat your scheduled snacks daily.

7. Try to make your snacks more interesting, so they'll keep you full for longer:

Swapping out your normal snacks for healthier options? Nothing like it! But most of us struggle with this since, well…let’s face it, “healthy snacks” aren’t all that appetising. Try mixing it up with the flavoursome goodness of Nutralite Garlic & Oregano or Nutralite Pudina & Coriander for some #KhaneMeinTwist! It works wonders when you use it to spruce up your Indian vegetarian recipes for snacks too!

8. Reward yourself:

Lastly, never forget that your hard work deserves a reward. You can’t stay away from your favourite snacks forever, now can you? Have a cheat-day and go to town on that yummy, crunchy treat. You deserve this.

There you have it, snacking right and healthy isn’t as hard as it seems, and much much easier than a stringent diet to lose belly fat. Moreover, we’re here to make it a whole lot easier with our 2 New flavour-packed variants of Nutralite!

A healthier you, is on the horizon. Smile, and snack away to healthy glory!

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