How To Make Your Kids’ Healthy Boring Snacks Tastier!

How-To-Make-Your Kids-Healthy-Boring-Snacks-Tastier!

How To Make Your Kids’ Healthy Boring Snacks Tastier!

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When it comes to eating healthy, it is the hardest to convince the kids. They tend to lose interest in the bland, boring taste of healthy foods and it becomes hard for moms to maintain proper nutritional intake of their kids. The only way you can indulge your little ones in developing a habit of healthy snacking is by making their snacks both yummy and nutritious at the same time.

Kids love experiencing new tastes, which allows you to experiment with different ingredients and different ways of cooking. Rather than telling or forcing them to eat healthy snacks – just add a little mom magic and cook it with love

Eat Your Salad - It’s Packed With Vitamins:

No matter how incredibly nutrient-rich a salad of leafy greens and vegetables is, it will still be the most hated item on any kid’s menu. To spice up the bland taste, you can mix a little bit of fresh cream and a spoon of Nutralite Veg mayonnaise with the salad and sprinkle a pinch of chat masala. Nutralite mayonnaise which is fortified with vitamins A, D and E, enhances the nutrition level and makes even the boring the boring salads yummy.

Roll it up all the way:

Is your kid bored with the regular Roti and Sabji? Scramble an egg or add some minced chicken with the vegetables while cooking and roll it in with the chapatti. To make it even tastier, add a spoon of Nutralite Mayo Achari. The yummy desi tadka taste will immediately grab your child’s interest, while the nutrition content will fulfil 30% of the daily vitamin requirements.

Don’t skip the dip:

Have you ever seen a kid say no to yummy dips? Prepare some homemade paneer cutlets or aloo tikkis for the evening snack time. You can also let your kid snack on some munchy vegetables. To make it more interesting, just add a spoon of Nutralite Mayo Cheesy Garlic on the side as the dip and your kid will finish his healthy snacks without complaining once. This mayo is rich in omega 3 fatty acid, which helps in cognitive development, higher attention span as well as lowering the risk of asthma and Type-2 diabetes in children.

Stuff all the goodness in:

Are the regular club sandwiches becoming too monotonous for your kid? Spread some Nutralite Mayo Achari on the pieces of breads and stuff all the healthy vegetables in. Put a slice of cheese in the middle to make your sandwich irresistibly delicious. With a twist of desi tadka, this yummy mayo ensures that your kid doesn’t miss out on any of the essential nutrients.

Your kid is too small to understand why those boring fruits and vegetables are so important to them. For them, their taste buds make the calls for which foods to eat and which ones to skip. Therefore, you need to flatter those taste buds with a little more of yumminess while still maintaining the healthy balanced diet.

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