Healthy Cookies Recipes To Scrap The Junk And Get Fit


Healthy Cookies Recipes To Scrap The Junk And Get Fit

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Eating healthy foods give us an instant picture of having to munch on boring distasteful food items that can kill our appetite just by looking at them! With this idea in mind, switching over from delicious fries and burgers to a mix of fruits and vegetables can be a tough choice. But eating healthy is actually a habit which we should all follow like a routine.

What if the appetizing and yummy factor can be included in our healthy foods? Then it will never be the same uninteresting thing again for sure. There are multitudes of easy to make healthy food recipes like simple butter cookies recipe for healthy snacks that can definitely add some fun and attraction to your healthy eating habits and help in the transition.

Butter or cookies are a yummy option to munch on something light and healthy. Cookies are like food magnets which attract us at all times of the day with their heavenly aroma and taste. But once we think of the after effects, we are definitely thwarted to some extent. This is one of the main reasons why we hesitate while passing by a cookie shop. Instead of piling up ourselves with guilt and calorie hills, why not go for our own homemade lot of easy to make butter cookies recipe.

You must be wondering how butter can ever be helpful when all we are talking about is switching to healthy foods. Butter is no way healthy! But get ready to amaze yourself with healthy snacking ideas and how? Use cholesterol and fat free butter when you bake cookies instead of going for that usual stuff! That should be a wonderful way to begin with.

There are loads of butter cookies recipe without egg, for you to choose from now in case you are eat vegetarian food only. Also, adding some berries and oats in your cookie batter can definitely enrich the taste while taking care of the health factor at the same time, while dark chocolate is also very good for the heart.

So there is just no time to waste any more! Go ahead and win over people with your own ideas of healthy snacks.

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