Get Fit With Healthy Breakfast Recipes And Snacks


Get Fit With Healthy Breakfast Recipes And Snacks

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The habit of eating healthy foods is something that needs to be followed every single day. The food items that attract us the most is invariably junk in nature. Junk food creates a lot of problems and increases levels of cholesterol in the blood. But switching over from delicious junk to boring healthy food items can be a really tough decision. Yet the fact is that this change can be the best decision in our life.

And keep it set in your mind that healthy food does not always mean that it will be uninteresting and lacking in taste. So why can we not bring in the fun and delicious elements into the healthy foods to make them equally appetising! There are hundreds of easy to make healthy food recipes that can help in making a smooth transition.

The breakfast that we eat plays the most vital role every day. Eating healthy is of utmost importance which means that starting with the breakfast and then moving on to our lunch and dinner, we must make sure to eat healthy. It’s time we tried out those low cholesterol breakfast recipes and low cholesterol Indian food recipes that we have seen on the Internet.

For example the mouth watering recipe to make dal makhni – wondering how a buttery dal recipe can be good for health? Getting any hints? That’s right, use low cholesterol butter instead of the usual calorie hills that are available. You can also make the dish extra healthy, by using tofu instead of paneer, because tofu is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are again extremely good for the health.

The people with the big sweet tooth can also easily put an end to their disappointment. You can now make quick and easy butter cookies for healthy snacks at home. Simply use cholesterol free butter in healthy foods recipes and dark chocolate if you want to make some yummy healthy brownies. Dark chocolate is rich in omega 3 fats and helps to keep the heart healthy and strong.

So go ahead – eat healthy and be happy!

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