Fast Food Is Dangerous For Your Kids. Revolutionize The Way Your Kids Eat


Fast Food Is Dangerous For Your Kids. Revolutionize The Way Your Kids Eat

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Most parents might be unaware that high cholesterol among kids is on the rise. Parents often think that it’s okay for kids to eat ice creams, burgers, loads of butter and fried foods, because they can easily burn it off. But unhealthy levels of cholesterol in kids is a cause for concern. The most common causes: sedentary lifestyles, fast food, unhealthy food habits and use of high-fat ingredients such as butter and oil in home-cooked food.

A recent survey conducted jointly by Apollo Hospitals and The Inclen Trust found, that over one-fifth of school-going children suffered from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The study was conducted on students in Delhi aged between 5 years and 10 years. Obesity in children, too, is rising at an alarming rate.

In 2016, an analysis of 52 studies carried out in 16 Indian states revealed some startling facts – it showed that nearly 20% of children were obese. These numbers should serve as a wake-up call to all parents.

Sedentary lifestyles combined with eating fast/ junk food is the main cause of this situation. Parents can salvage this situation with just a little effort. The next time your child is hungry and bored, instead of taking a trip to the mall, why not get into the kitchen and cook with your kids? We’ve shared some simple recipes >and effective ways in which you could make healthy and yummy food along with your kids at home.

Clear your kitchen of all the ingredients loaded with fat; go for heart-healthy alternatives instead. Butter and oil are among the most obvious reasons causing unhealthy levels of cholesterol in kids. The next time you dig out the butter chicken curry recipe, give it a healthy twist – use Nutralite table spread to prepare it. It has zero cholesterol as well as is high in omega-3 fatty acids, essential for the body.

Kids sometimes get bored of eating homemade food, but not if you get creative with your cooking. Think of different ways of cooking eggs. Innovate by making different kinds of healthy sandwiches with the use of different vegetables and make sure you add in some elements that kids really love. For example, the next time you make aloo paratha, add a generous layer of Nutralite table spread over it. It tastes like the regular butter. It may seem fatty, just the way kids like their food, but it’s packed with healthy omega-3 and is zero cholesterol. Only you will know the difference!

Well now you know! Getting your kids excited about home-cooked healthy food is so easy and fun. So, get into your kitchen, cook up a storm and spend quality time with your kids while you’re at it!

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