A Surprise Treat For The World’s Best Dad


A Surprise Treat For The World’s Best Dad

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17th June is Father’s Day, a day that brings those fond memories flooding back to your mind. Wondering how to outdo your last Father’s Day surprise? Simple! Prepare a healthy meal with a combination of the healthiest ingredients, cooked with lots of love!

Here are some awesome ideas that will make your father wish every day was Father’s Day!

A Word on Nutrition

The nutritional needs of men are different from that of women and children. Hence, a thoughtful consideration of your father’s specific dietary needs would be a good place to begin.

Choose ingredients that would provide carbohydrates, proteins and lower unhealthy fat. Research shows that men are more prone to cholesterol and heart ailments. Think of ways to reduce cholesterol by using the right ingredients. It is an essential part of a heart-healthy diet. Replace white bread with whole-wheat or multigrain bread. Also, swap the regular butter with Nutralite. It has essential omega 3 fatty acids and has zero cholesterol.

Wholesome Breakfast

With the morning alarm buzzing, it’s time for your father to get back to the grind. It is essential for men to consume healthy proteins in the morning for the energy required to sustain themselves throughout the day, which will also aid in post-workout muscle revival.

Think proteins, think oats, mushrooms and different ways of cooking eggs. Eggs are a healthy source of essential fats as well. Some ideas for a filling breakfast – A bowl of oats with nuts and a banana for the extra energy mushroom and eggs on toast, with Nutralite and a fresh green juice or smoothie to top it off.

Healthy Lunch

A balanced lunch should include a healthy mix of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and fibre. Rice, a bowl of salad, whole grains and vegetables are healthy options. Experts suggest a serving of at least five different vegetables per day. Potatoes and rice are considered good starchy carbs for lunch.

Go for a whole-wheat bread sandwich with a variety of vegetables. Pasta with veggies or seafood would make for a perfect meal. If you’re looking for Indian vegetarian recipes, aloo methi paratha or a mixed vegetable uttapam can bring a smile on your father’s face. Top up these recipes with a healthy & delicious dollop of Nutralite.

Delectable Dinner

A healthy and tasty dinner can do wonders after a long day. Include pav bhaji recipesteamed rice, dal makhani/butter chicken for a feel-good and relaxing effect, fulfilling the essential carbs that will help the body revitalize through the night. Cook this dinner spread with Nutralite Classic or the Garlic and Oregano variant and add a healthy twist to your father’s treat. Along with this, a healthy salad, mixed pulses and vegetable raita makes for a delectable dinner spread.

Delicious Dessert:

Round up the day with something sweet. How about some homemade fruit cakes /dry-fruit cakes!

Isn’t this a healthy inspiration – a gift that will last far beyond Father’s Day? Do you have other such amazing meal ideas for Father’s Day? We’re all ears…

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