Everybody Loves a Good Breakfast


Everybody Loves a Good Breakfast

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At times, making breakfast can feel like a big task. Simply because when it comes to the perfect breakfast, the pressure of coming up new, tasty and nutritious dishes every day can get stressful. We’ve shared few simple ideas, some new and some old, that can easily make their way to your breakfast menu.

1. Super Power Pancake

Traditionally, pancakes were made on the last day before the season of Lent, the 40-day period of abstinence for Christians. The idea was to use up all the ingredients in the kitchen – flour, sugar, and eggs – to avoid wastage. However, these pancakes were far from healthy.

By using alternative ingredients, all dishes can be given a healthy makeover. So what are Super Power Pancakes and why are they called so? Because we’ve found a way to make really healthy pancakes: free of maida (flour), sugar and packed with the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids, owing to Nutralite table spread. Nutralite is free of cholesterol, which makes these pancakes even healthier.

Instead of maida (flour), make the pancakes by grinding super grains such as millet, quinoa and buckwheat. These grains are every health addict’s new best friend as they are packed with nutrition – dietary fibres, proteins and minerals. Pour a little honey and cinnamon powder over the pancakes or top it up with fresh fruits. It will rev up your engines as you get on with your day!

2. Avocado Mushroom Toastie

Bread is one of the handiest ingredients – from breakfast to dinner. And like all things, it can be as unhealthy or healthy as you please. Why not stick to the latter? Sautéed mushroom on toast is one of the most amazing and quick fix dishes. Add to it the nourishing avocado paste, and you’re set for the waking hours.

But, what makes these toasties so delectably healthy? Mushrooms are a great source of vitamin D, fibre, protein and essential minerals. Avocados are rich in vitamins, mono-unsaturated fats and minerals and are free of cholesterol. Make the toasties with the help of Nutralite table spread – a good source of omega-3 and free of cholesterol, for a healthy meal.

3. Healthy Poha

One of the most popular veg recipes of India, poha is the perfect breakfast – loaded with nutrition and quick to make. Make your poha with organic red rice flakes, Nutralite table spread and sprinkle some peanuts for added protein.

Known to have originated in the state of Maharashtra of India, Poha is a staple breakfast and snack in a number of regions in India. It is considered to be a balanced breakfast dish. The rice flakes are easy to digest, peanuts and vegetables added to it provide nutrition, and lemon makes it rich in vitamin C. 

4. Coconut Milk Green Smoothie

Think greens, think iron, protein and other healthy nutrients for a heart-healthy diet. A coconut milk-based green smoothie is just that. Coconut milk is high in calcium, vitamins, minerals and a great substitute to milk, for those who prefer a vegan lifestyle. Green leafy veggies like spinach and kale are packed with nutrients. A glass of this smoothie can keep you going and energized, even on a long day.

So, there you go! We’ve shared four amazing breakfast options that everyone would love. Try these dishes, and share some of your own too!

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