A Deliciously Fun Way For Your Kids To Get Vitamins!


A Deliciously Fun Way For Your Kids To Get Vitamins!

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Remember when we were kids and we won’t eat enough, our parents had to give us vitamin syrups just so we get the essential nutrients? It is only normal that your kids too probably will not like eating those healthy foods you prepare for them. But you can make sure your kids get those important vitamins by adding a few interesting twists to the regular and boring healthy foods.

Vitamins play an important role in proper growth and development of children by helping the body systems and processes function correctly. As they are calorie-free, they don’t provide your kid with energy. They need to be taken in a small amount at regular intervals through healthy diet as our body cannot synthesize these nutrients. Deficiency of these essential nutrients during childhood can lead to serious health issues and disorders in the adult years.

Vitamin Benefits

Use Nutralite Veg Mayonnaise to create a mind-blowing veg mayonnaise sandwich, to get layer after layer of delight. It’s healthy and easy to make. Pick up some tomatoes, cheese cubes, cabbage leaves, mustard, and mayonnaise. A tasty lunch in 10 minutes.

Creamy Potato Salad

This mayonnaise-drenched potato salad is the ideal comfort food on a chilly winter night. Boiled potatoes should be mixed with butter, yogurt, mayonnaise, spring onions, and various flavorful herbs. Give it a desi smoky, spicy tandoori flavor taste with Nutralite Tandoori Mayonnaise.

Devilled Eggs

Devilled eggs, often called picnic eggs, can be filled with creamy Nutralite garlic mayonnaise that can be varied in flavor by adding different spices, herbs, and sauces.

Creamy Dip

Give mayonnaise a flattering flavor with the addition of fresh herbs and spices. You can create mouthwatering salad dressings and dips with Nutralite Tandoori Mayonnaise or Nutralite Cheesy Garlic, which are the ideal complement to deep-fried appetizers and snacks. Crackers, nacho chips, and breadsticks go well for your upcoming party.

Stuffed Creamy Mushroom

Salt-basted, succulent mushrooms that have been perfectly steam-cooked. Pan-grilled mushroom caps packed with creamy, cheesy Nutralite mayo. This dish would be excellent as an appetizer or as a party snack.

Let your taste buds run wild this winter! Recreate the smokey, spicy tandoori flavor in all of your favorite meals with Nutralite Tandoori Mayo. Or try Nutralite Achari Mayo for a dash of desi tadka without compromising your health.

We have an excellent alternative for you if you’re a strict vegetarian or don’t like the eggy flavor of mayonnaise. Nutralite Mayo Veg is flavorful and rich in nutrients.

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