5 Ways Nutralite Mayo Can Change Your Boring Tiffins To Appetizing Wonders


5 Ways Nutralite Mayo Can Change Your Boring Tiffins To Appetizing Wonders

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When it comes to health and nutrition, you just cannot avoid vegetables. But all of us know that vegetables are not the most interesting of foods… But SHUSH! Don’t say that to the kids!

Unless you can prepare veggies in a unique/ favourite way or pair them with other relishing dishes on the side, it’s quite monotonous to consume them. So, we thought up five simple hacks that can transform those boring veggie-loaded dishes in your lunch boxes, simply by using Nutralite Mayo.

Nutralite Mayo is a versatile ingredient that can change boring veggie dishes into highly appetizing ones, while still keeping them nutritious. It is rich in Vitamins A, D and E, fulfilling 30% of your daily vitamin requirements. You’d be surprised how easy it is to give a complete taste makeover to that boring tiffin.

With Breakfast

A lot of us are short on time every morning and prefer to grab a paratha or a roll to eat on the way to the office, college or school. If this applies to you, then pack a tiny container with Nutralite Mayo, pair it with your paratha and enjoy it on the go.

As A Dressing

One of the simplest and easiest ways to make your regular salads more appealing is by replacing the regular vinaigrette and lemon juice with Nutralite Mayo. Make a dressing with the mayo and fresh herbs such as mint and cilantro. Try different flavours like green chilli, or even honey for kids who have a sweet tooth.

Make A Dip

Just like Nutralite Mayo can be part of a salad dressing, you can also use it to make tasty dips. Pack a small container of the dip and some freshly chopped veggies in your lunch box or your kid’s tiffin.

As A Spread

Once in a while, use the Nutralite Mayo as a spread on breads, inside rolls, on chapatis or on parathas. If you’re ever stuck with healthy breakfast options, this could be a great hack to add nutrition to otherwise not-so-healthy breads or crackers.

As A Base Ingredient

When you think of recipes with mayonnaise, you don’t really think of it as a base or main ingredient in the dish. So, how about you try that? The next time you make a mixed veggie bhel, blend in a huge dollop of mayo; or if you’re mixing a bowl of rice and veggies, add a generous amount of Nutralite Achari Mayo for that desirable texture and flavour.

Now that we’ve shared these realistic mayonnaise uses to make your tiffins taste much better, it’s time to put these hacks into practice. Break free from the usual and try something new with Nutralite Mayo today!

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