4 Ways You Can Stay True To Your New Year’s Resolution


4 Ways You Can Stay True To Your New Year’s Resolution

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Reality check:  For most of us, our New Year’s resolution of healthy-eating lasted for about a week. With the first month of the year behind us, we seem to be failing miserably. But there’s still hope…

Here are some cues to stick to your New Year’s resolution.

Weekly meal planning -

Plan weekly meals. This means making a healthy menu for the perfect breakfast, light lunch, nutritious snacks and a healthy dinner for the entire week. Create a list of ingredients and buy groceries for the entire week, at one go.

How does meal-planning help? You can plan your meals according to your dietary and nutritional needs. A perfect breakfast must be wholesome, providing proteins, carbohydrates, calcium and vitamin D. Change your lunch/ dinner menu every week. Chia and fish this week can be replaced with quinoa and chicken the following week.

Follow some basic rules -

Follow a few golden rules. Avoid bad cholesterol (LDL) and consume good cholesterol (HDL) foods. Fried and fast foods are sources of saturated and trans fats, which should be avoided. On the other hand, consume good cholesterol foods: olive oil, beans, legumes, high-fiber fruits, whole grains, fatty fish, soy, nuts, etc.

The benefit?

  • HDL cholesterol hunts and removes LDL.
  • Good cholesterol helps in moving bad cholesterol to the liver, where it gets recycled.
  • HDL cholesterol acts as a protection for the inner walls of blood vessels.

Break your larger goal into smaller ones -

A slow and steady approach can help you stick to your resolution to eat healthy. There are some crucial nutrients that you must include in your diet on a daily basis: Vitamin D, Omega 3 and good cholesterol.

Feeling fatigue, mood swings, dry skin, and have poor blood circulation? You may be suffering from Omega 3 or Vitamin D deficiency. Research has found a connection between Omega 3 and good cholesterol. Omega 3 raises HDL levels and promotes cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, and prevents cholesterol and plaque buildup in arteries.

Know your foods -

Knowing what to eat and what to avoid is half the battle won. You need to definitely include fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, soy, whole wheat, whole grains and fresh herbs in your diet. Avoid fatty foods such as fried fast food, processed food items, packaged food and food with preservatives.

An easy solution to your New Year’s healthy resolutions is Nutralite – it’s free from hydrogenated fats, is a healthy and tasty alternative to butter, with various flavours for you to choose from.

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