10 Easy Tips To Ensure You Never Skip Breakfast!


10 Easy Tips To Ensure You Never Skip Breakfast!

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“I don’t have enough time for breakfast in the morning. Period!”

For everyone out there nodding in agreement, what is it that makes you underestimate the most important meal of the day? A healthy breakfast not only provides energy to get the day started, it ensures nourishment and smooth functioning of the whole body. While coffee can give you a quick rush, it should never replace ‘break-fast’(quite literally which means, “breaking the overnight fast!”)

Don’t worry. All is not lost. Commit to a healthy change with these easy tips and you’ll never want to skip breakfast again.

A New Day, A New Breakfast

Adding variety to your breakfast palette is key to keeping you motivated and looking forward to breakfast every morning. There are thousands of healthy breakfast recipes floating around on the Internet and most ingredients are easily available.

Wake Up 10 Minutes Early

If the problem is a lack of time in the morning, well, the solution isn’t hard to find! Wake up just 10 minutes earlier. This will ensure you have enough time to fix up a quick vegetable sandwich with zero cholesterol Nutralite table spread, your daily dose of omega-3. Keep all the ingredients within easy reach so you can make your sandwich in a jiffy.


Exercising will set you up for an energetic day and keep those morning blues away. A walk, jog or yoga exercises are perfect to get the blood circulating and your heart pumping. It will also ensure that you feel hungry and crave for breakfast.

Establish A Routine

Flexibility sounds great, but it is scientifically proven that following a routine makes us more productive, creative and happy. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just doing it is a good start. Remember, small changes in your routine can lead to great outcomes . Create a morning routine: Wake up at the same time, exercise, read and eat a healthy breakfast to get yourself primed for the day ahead.

Stock Up Healthy Ingredients

For some people eating healthy is all about the availability of the right ingredients in the kitchen. Make sure you have healthy foods such as dried nuts, oats, foods rich in omega-3 such as Nutralite table spread, eggs, fruits and vegetables stocked in your kitchen at all times. At the same time, remove all trans-fat foods such as packaged and fried food.

On The Go? Pack Breakfast

Put together a healthy sandwich with whole wheat bread, Nutralite table spread and some slices of veggies. Take it with you and have it on the way.

No Appetite? Have Something Small

Even if you’re not hungry or do not feel like eating in the mornings, having a small cup of milk or a few nuts will help increase your appetite. The blood sugar level of our bodies is low when we wake up. Breakfast can help balance it.

Make Food While You Get Ready

Choose simple dishes such as oatmeal, cereal and milk or a smoothie, which are easy to make while you’re getting ready for work. Preparing breakfast is really not that big a deal. You can even prepare oatmeal the night before and put it in the refrigerator to save precious time.

Meal-Plan Your Breakfast

Don’t have time every morning? No problem. Plan and prepare for your breakfast for the whole week in one go. That way you will save on the prep time and still be eating a healthy breakfast.

Stay On Track, Always

Last but not the least, press the reset button every time you go off track. Think about the food-body-mind relationship and how your breakfast habits are affecting your body, mind and your life.

No matter what, now you do not have any excuses to skip your breakfast. Got some of your own tips to share with us?

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