Wondering How To Reduce Cholesterol? Here Are Some Tips

Wondering How To Reduce Cholesterol? Here Are Some Tips

Wondering How To Reduce Cholesterol? Here Are Some Tips

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Increasing levels of cholesterol is one of the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and uncontrolled eating habits. High cholesterol makes us prone to heart diseases. If you are wondering about how to reduce cholesterol, apart from taking medicines, then you can make some changes to your lifestyle as mentioned below. If you are already under medications, these changes will still help you immensely.

  • Firstly, minor changes in your diet can lower cholesterol and boost the heart health.

    We all need fats for normal functioning of the system. Fats or found in red meat and dairy products are known to increase the level of “bad” cholesterol i.e. LDL in our blood. We should try to consume these fats as low as possible and opt for lean meat and low fat dairy products for healthy foods intake.

    When the “bad” cholesterol level increases and the “good” cholesterol decreases in our bloodstream, it heightens the risk of heart attacks. Trans fats which are found in fried and junk food items should thereby consumed with caution. Though many of these food items come in packets marked “trans fat-free”, they may not be entirely free of trans fat. It is therefore much recommended to go through the ingredient list and avoid food items with partially hydrogenated oils.

  • Secondly, exercise can boost “good” cholesterol or HDL levels markedly. As per doctor’s advice, we can engage in light to moderate exercise every day. Physical activity even in short duration several times in the day can help us to shed weight. A brisk walk during the lunch hour or cycling to work or even swimming can help us to a great extent. We can start by using the staircase instead of the elevator or escalator for a healthier alternative

  • Quit smoking today to improve the HDL level. Within minutes of quitting smoking, the blood pressure and heart rate reduces bringing relief. And the risk of a heart attack is lowered by half within a year. The risk of a heart disease becomes similar to a person who has never smoked within 15 years of quitting.

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