Why Cooking With Kids Encourages A Healthier Lifestyle


Why Cooking With Kids Encourages A Healthier Lifestyle

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We understand how annoying it can be if your kids are always ready for junk food but habitually refuse to eat a healthy meal. We believe that one of the major reasons for that pattern is the lack of involvement. If you want your kids to start eating healthy, it’s time you make them get involved in the cooking process – the more involved they are, the more inclined they are towards the final dish. It changes their perception of what’s healthy and what’s not! In addition, it also makes them independent and self-reliant, which is not only the need of the hour but also a great way to take control of ones life.

Cooking has been one of the most opted for skills during the lockdown, which is surely one of the positives to be appreciated. With a growing number of families working as a unit to tackle various household duties, kids too have been eager to help out wherever possible. They are spending more time at home and parents should use this opportunity to instill the idea of living a healthy lifestyle and opting for healthier eating habits in their kids. It has, fortunately, started to make more sense to every parent out there, now more than ever!

So, as one of the best butter brands in India, we believe NOW is the best time – for you to start cooking in the presence of your kids, or get them to help out in the kitchen. It will also be a way to utilize the increased amount of time you have with your kids now, thereby building a stronger bond between you and your children.

Here are the ways cooking with your kids can benefit them:

They will opt for healthier eating habits

There are plenty of healthy cooking ideas for kids that you can consider choosing from. Cooking with your kids is great for them in the long run. Several studies support the argument that kids who indulge in cooking or help their mothers while they’re cooking, tend to opt for healthier eating habits, thereby leading to a healthy lifestyle. Let’s say that a family who cooks together, grows healthier together.

They will understand the significance of veggies and fruits

Once you get into the healthy eating zone, it is a habitual lifestyle that you can’t shrug off. The benefits of staying healthy and opting for healthier eating habits are unparalleled. Cooking easy and quick veg breakfast recipes in the presence of your kids can also change their perception of junk foods significantly, and can help them understand the importance of including vegetables and fruits in their daily diet.

They can enjoy homemade meals

Even if your kid wants to have a burger or fries, they can simply make a healthier homemade version of a burger or fries with healthy butter, and thus, treat themselves without compromising on their health. Homemade meals, no matter what the dish is, are surely a better way of satiating your taste-buds, than going out and eating oily or spicy foods from a restaurant.

They can be creative and experimental

Kids who can cook also get to be creative and experiment with different types of dishes. They will understand how being helpful can make things easier in the family. It is also a way to unleash the creative chef in them and create opportunities to make it big in the commercial space of food and hospitality, in their future.

They will learn kitchen etiquette

One more value-added benefit of cooking in front of your kids is that they get to learn the right etiquette required to ensure proper hygiene in the kitchen. So, their attitude towards life also changes in a positive way. They will understand how important it is to keep your kitchen space clean and well-maintained, to ensure a healthy and hygienic area, while cooking.

As you can see, cooking not only helps your kids become self-reliant and healthy but also helps them understand other aspects of life, in a profound manner. Cooking can be quite therapeutic too! It is also a great way to do something special for your family.

So, if your kids have shown interest in cooking while you’re in the kitchen, get them to join you – it’s going to gradually encourage them to opt for healthier eating habits.

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