No Kidding! Trick Your Kids To Eating Healthy


No Kidding! Trick Your Kids To Eating Healthy

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It’s summer time, which means its ‘vacation time’ for your kids. Time for movies, playdates and picnics, for visits to food courts at the mall – which mean that children will end up eating unhealthy fast-food more often. What can you do, you wonder?  

You can make up for all that unhealthy food that kids eat outside the house, by preparing some nutritious food for them at home. Here are some culinary experiments, tips and tricks that you should try:

Try healthy alternatives

Replace the regular butter and oil-based cooking with Nutralite table spread – one of the most easily available foods high in omega-3 that contain zero cholesterol. Use it to make parathas or to pan-fry patties for burgers. It tastes delicious and is nutritious too. Another alternative way is of using Nutralite Mayo on toast or as a spread inside rolls and be enriched with vitamins A, D and E.

Colour it up

Toys, cartoons, clothes or food – kids are attracted to all things bright and colourful. Use this in your favor. It’s time to add color to your child’s dishes, the natural way. Think pink upma, thanks to beetroot. Or even green rice with some nutritious spinach. Ever thought you could make coloured rice with red/ purple cabbage?

Dishes loaded with veggies

Most kids detest eating vegetables. A great way to make sure your kids are consuming veggies is to prepare dishes that include vegetables in a smart and tasty way. The next time you try out a healthy sandwich recipe or a veggie roll, make it with Nutralite table spread. Spread a generous layer of Nutralite Mayo Achari or Cheesy Garlic flavours for that added twist in the taste. Kids will love the creamy, mayo-loaded twist to the veggie taste.

Amazing eggs

Eggs are a great source of protein and nutrition for your kids. However, kids get bored eating the same old omelette and scrambled eggs. Try out different ways of cooking eggs. Use healthy alternatives such as Nutralite table spread to cook them. You could prepare a new breakfast dish with smileys on eggs, instead.

Get creative

Next time you make delicious sandwiches, how about you cut them into the shape of a heart or butterfly! Or bake cookies in the shape of different alphabets or numbers. You could even let your kids help you cut out the shapes, making it more fun for them.

Want to get your children to eat salads? Make them build a tower of sliced veggies and eat it one layer at a time! Think about tricks that are simple enough for the kids to get involved, but not too messy. Also, they can be creative and have a feel-good factor about food consumption, because they have prepared the sandwiches themselves.

So, do you feel like a culinary genius yet? Be super mom, who can be the best home chef in the world. It’s all about your kids, so they will enjoy a healthier summer!

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