7 Ways To Get Fit


7 Ways To Get Fit

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It is easy to forget to take care of fitness with our daily hectic routine. The trick, then, is to weave in ways to get fit into our everyday schedule. Here are seven smart tips to stay fit and healthy-

Exercise everyday

Following a regular exercise routine is a holistic approach to get fit. Whatever you want to achieve – a toned body, strength or weight loss – a regular exercise regimen will ensure steady success. Exercise not only keeps the body fit, it benefits the mind too. By improving blood circulation, it reduces stress, boosts brainpower and develops self-confidence.

Eat healthy

Along with regular exercise, a balanced diet is the key to good health. An energy loaded healthy breakfast, a good lunch with vegetables, whole grains, and fruits; a light dinner with soups and seafood are some foods that provide nutrients. You could utilize the benefits of vegetarian recipes of India since most Indian dishes, owing to the use of vegetables, herbs and healthy spices, are packed with nutrients: minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and antioxidants.

Tip: Avoid oily foods. Use Nutralite instead of regular butter.

Walk… a lot

Did you know that simply walking has many advantages? It helps in maintaining weight, prevents blood pressure, strengthens bones and muscles, and helps in managing a number of health conditions such as diabetes and heart conditions.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated the right way is essential. This means avoid packed juices, energy drinks and aerated drinks. Stick to water. Consuming about two to three litres of water on a daily basis aids ideal metabolic activity.

Tip: Add fresh herbs like basil, mint or a few drops of lemon juice to water.

Sleep well

Research reveals that sleeping less leads to over-eating, mood swings, lower immunity and deteriorates brainpower. Get at least seven to eight hours of sleep daily. On days when you’re too tired, listen to your body and sleep an extra hour or two.

Eat home-cooked fresh food

Nothing can match home-cooked and fresh foods. Avoid using extra oil or butter. Choose the healthy alternative by using Nutralite, to cook common Veg recipes of India. With polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) and monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA), it’s a great way to boost good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol.

Avoid unhealthy food

Make it a rule to avoid fast food, greasy junk food and food with bad cholesterol, caffeine, liquor, solid fat and processed food.

Tip: Keep a ‘cheat day’, maybe once a month, if you really feel the urge to eat junk food…in proportion.

Follow these simple ways to get fit and meet your New Year Resolutions.

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