Nutralite DoodhShakti Probiotic
Butter Spread - Salted, Supports Gut Health, 500 g Carton

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About the product

Nutralite DoodhShakti Probiotic Butter Spread is a tasty way to support your immunity. It is butter made with creamy milk and contains probiotics which are good bacteria known to support your gut health and immune system. Let your family enjoy the delicious Nutralite DoodhShakti Probiotic Butter Spread, which contains 1 billion probiotics in a single serving (10 g).


Butter (82.5%), Water, Common Salt, Emulsifiers (Ins 471, Ins 322), Preservatives (Ins 202, Ins 200), Acidity Regulator (Ins 330), Probiotics (L. Rhamnosus Ualr - 06, L. Reuteri Ualre-16), Sequestering Agent (Ins 385), Antioxidants (Ins 319), Vitamin A, Vitamin D2 & Vitamin E

  • Key Features
    • CREAMY: Made with Creamy Milk for Rich Texture.
    • IMMUNITY: A Billion (1,000,000,000) probiotics in every serving, improves gut health and supports immunity.
    • SALT: Has the perfect amount of salt to taste.
    • FAMILY: Use daily to support your family's health.
  • Unit
    • 500 g
  • Serving Size
    • 10g Servings Per pack: 10
    • Energy: 632 kcal/100g
    • Total Fat: 70g
    • Total Carbs: 0 g
    • Sugar: 0 g