Sometimes, videos speak louder than words!
Here are some mouth-watering, but healthy recipes, fresh out of the experts' kitchens!

Bread potato and chicken roll

Craving for some non veg yumminess while on a diet? No biggie, go ahead and indulge in this healthy breakfast dish as chef Sanjeev Kapoor adds his healthy spin on a delish recipe sent in to us by Shagufta Shaikh with Nutralite!

We all need a wholesome balanced healthy breakfast to keep you energized and enabled to power through the day! But since most of us are living in the fast lane, we often skip breakfast entirely or end up eating something that isn’t essentially good for us. Don’t ever skip breakfast, take it from us…it’s not good for you.

This recipe goes beyond a mere sandwich and an innovative new way to eat healthy and enjoy while you’re at it! It’s an amalgamation of chicken, potato and eggs all wrapped into one crunchy air fried roll that is an absolute treat and a great way to kick off your mornings!

Keep watching this space for more flavourful and healthy Shilpa Shetty, and Sanjeev Kapoor recipes and add some #KhaneMeinTwist!

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