10 Easy Tips To Ensure You Never Skip Breakfast!


“I don’t have enough time for breakfast in the morning. Period!” For everyone out there nodding in agreement, what is it that makes you underestimate the most important meal of the day? A healthy breakfast not only provides energy to get the day started, it ensures nourishment and smooth functioning of the whole body. While […]

Let Them Eat Cake! – Healthy Alternatives For Special Occasions


Every special occasion is commemorated with a special dish – cakes for birthdays, pancakes for Sunday breakfast and Biryani for family get-togethers. Cooking a sumptuous meal for a loved one is one of the nicest things to do. Unfortunately, the problem with special treats is that they are often loaded with excess carbs and sugar. […]

Exercise Tips To Get That Perfect Workout


When’s the last time you worked out? Stretched a muscle? Cracked some joints? Had a heart healthy diet? If the answer to that is, “Well…ummm…it’s been awhile” or “I don’t remember”. You need to Exercise! But it’s simpler that it seems… Exercise is the act of simply keeping your body busy. However, we live in […]

7 Ways To Get Fit


It is easy to forget to take care of fitness with our daily hectic routine. The trick, then, is to weave in ways to get fit into our everyday schedule. Here are seven smart tips to stay fit and healthy- Exercise everyday Following a regular exercise routine is a holistic approach to get fit. Whatever […]

5 Dishes You Didn’t Know Were Healthy


“What to cook?” is a perpetual dilemma we face, almost every day. In our interest to cook healthy, we sometimes forget the most basic dishes, including vegetarian recipes of India. Here are 5 dishes you probably didn’t know were healthy. Vermicelli with veggies Packed with proteins, iron, fibre, calcium and other vitamins and nutrients, vermicelli cooked […]