Sometimes, videos speak louder than words!
Here are some mouth-watering, but healthy recipes, fresh out of the experts' kitchens!

Vegetable Sandwich

Did you know all it takes to make your simple sandwich delectable, is just a tad bit of healthy help from Nutralite?

Our favourite chef Sanjeev Kapoor adds his spin on a household Indian vegetarian recipe sent in to us by Tejaswini Goud and adds to its sheer yumminess with some #KhaneMeinTwist!

Making a sandwich isn’t much of a task to anyone, but do we for a moment take a step back and really think about what’s going into our sandwich? You need’t worry about that any longer since we’ve done all the thinking for you and all that’s left is to grill up this fresh veg crunchilicous treat and indulge with no stress or guilt at all!

Stuff in some health between your breads and even over the top for both, a delightful crunch in every bite as well as Omega 3 benefits! This makes for a great healthy breakfast, tiffin or tea time snack too!

Stick around for more recipes by Shilpa Shetty and chef Sanjeev Kapoor and eat healthy with #KhaneMeinTwist!

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