Sometimes, videos speak louder than words!
Here are some mouth-watering, but healthy recipes, fresh out of the experts' kitchens!

Stuffed Vegetable roll

Tired of having to eat the same old “healthy food” every morning? Well, we’ve found a super simple trick to make your healthy breakfast just as tasty! You’ll surely grow to love eating healthy with some #KhaneMeinTwist thanks to Nutralite.

Watch our favourite chef Sanjeev Kapoor bake up a perfect and scrumptious batch of stuffed vegetable rolls as he adds onto the taste and health of a recipe sent in by Ekata Sabat.

This recipe is baked and not fried, very pleasing to both the eye and your taste buds. Stuffed with a colourful assortment of fresh and crisp, chopped up veggies sautéed in a garlicky dollop of Nutralite Garlic & Oregano! What more, they’ve got that golden-brown glaze of health as well, enough to wow one all in a single glance, and then again with every bite with its taste and Omega 3 benefits!

Many more such healthy recipes and tricks to get your health game on point from chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty with some #KhaneMeinTwist.

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