Sometimes, videos speak louder than words!
Here are some mouth-watering, but healthy recipes, fresh out of the experts' kitchens!

Broccoli Soup

Amongst the several healthy indian vegetarian recipes in your cookbook, soups surely stand out as a quick, convenient and easy way to stay nourished and grow closer towards your health goals. But they’re usually met with more frowns than smiles, merely because they can sometimes be a little boring and bland. But all is not lost, soup can be amazingly yummy too when you add a dollop of flavour and health; Nutralite.

Watch how a rather simple Broccoli soup recipe sent in to us by Rishi Shah, gets a healthy and tasty #KhaneMeinTwist by our favourite chef Sanjeev Kapoor ass he adds in some #KhaneMeinTwist!

Broccoli, a vegetable high in omega 3 coupled with the Omega 3 benefits on Nutralite and its Garlicky variant Nutralite Garlic & Oregano, makes for a smooth and exotic treat for the whole family at lunch time or even the dinner table.

Scroll for more healthy Sanjeev Kapoor recipes and tricks from the Shilpa Shetty diet book too and keep adding some #KhaneMeinTwist!

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