Sometimes, videos speak louder than words!
Here are some mouth-watering, but healthy recipes, fresh out of the experts' kitchens!

Apple Mayo Toast

How would you feel when you enjoy a pleasantly sweet crunch with the smooth, light taste of Nutralite Mayo? We think the word you are looking for here is "satisfied". Being a kid's favourite wherever you are, this Apple Mayo toast is a great after-school snack for children. This recipe with mayonnaise sets the perfect balance between taste and health for your fussy kids. Your kid's everyday mornings won't be the same anymore, as this recipe, made with one of the best mayonnaise brands in India, is surely going to add a unique twist to your kid's life. Just a dash of Nutralite Mayo in the mix is all you need to make health your child's best friend, and this Apple Mayo toast is an example of that.

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