Garlic and Oregano Table Spread

Mixing It Up With Oregano!

Jun 08, 2018

Oregano is the unassuming culinary herb from the mint family that has managed to create a place for itself in the Indian household. A lesser-known fact is that this modest, flavorful herb has a host of health benefits. It contains vitamin A, C, E and K as well as iron, calcium, phosphate, magnesium and fibre among other minerals. It functions as a great antioxidant that provides support to the immune system. Not only this, it also has antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so much so that it is used as a medicinal herb in parts of the world. Oregano oil is considered very useful when one comes down with a cold or flu because of its ability to relieve immediate symptoms of respiratory infections.

Mostly associated with Italian cooking or as the “pizza pasta herb” in Indian kitchens, oregano can be used in tons of other dishes - from cooking to baking or even as a dressing. Due to this versatility, it can be a part of any meal, right from breakfast to dinner. Start your day with some baked beans garnished with oregano and chilli flakes. For lunch, it acts as a great addition to chicken or lamb gravy, stir-fried vegetables or chopped up zucchini in cheese sauce. Coat some potatoes with oregano and olive oil and bake for a simple, quick evening snack. You can whip up some Italian dressing by combining olive oil, white wine vinegar, oregano, lemon juice with some basil, red pepper, garlic powder and parsley - great with any kind of salad. Slather some Nutralite Garlic and Oregano table spread onto olive bread or focaccia to instantly improve the taste factor or add some extra flavour to your homemade tomato sauce by adding some to it. 

When it comes to oregano, there are a myriad of options to include it in your cooking; so it would be a shame to relegate it only to pizza nights. Put a dollop of Nutralite Garlic and Oregano spread on delicious parathas! Not only is it a zero-cholesterol spread but also has the benefits of Omega 3. Similarly get creative with other items in your kitchen and utilize oregano to jazz up even your simple, everyday meals!

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