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5 Chicken Dishes With An Awesome Twist

Dec 07, 2018

We enjoy food challenges, and our favourite one is to take recipes that are already delicious and make them even better, tastier and healthier.

Chicken is a staple source of protein and has found an appetizing spot in the food menus of most Indian families. So, we took some of your favourite Indian chicken dishes and added a twist that will change the way you think about and relish them with your families.

Many of us healthy eaters avoid chicken butter masala; but just because it has butter and masala in it, doesn’t mean it is unhealthy. Introduce a tweak to your chicken butter masala recipe. Prepare this recipe with 0% cholesterol Nutralite Spread. It not only enhances its taste, but also makes it healthy.

  • Chicken Green Curry

There are various ways in which people prepare chicken green curry – with coriander, mint, cream and coconut milk. Ever imagined that chicken green curry could be even more creamy and richer with a drizzle of mayo on it? Add eggless Nutralite Mayo to get the creamy texture to your chicken green curry. Nutralite Mayo not only adds flavor to your recipe, but also fulfills your daily requirement of 30% vitamin A, D & E.

  • Chicken Kabab Wrap

A little deviation from the usual recipe of chicken kabab wrap could make a whole world of difference. Switch to 0% cholesterol Nutralite Spread – enriched with omega 3. Now indulge in guilt-free eating, as much as you like.

Chicken tikka is prepared in many different ways. And whether Indian or Afghani, it has a ravishing taste. What if we found a way to make it taste even better, and yet healthy? A large dollop of Nutralite Mayo Achari flavour enriched with vitamins A, D and E, which meets 30% of your body’s daily vitamin requirement.


As if the mere mention of chicken malai kabab does not cause your mouth to water, we suggest adding some delicious Nutralite Mayo to it. Taste, smoothness and healthy benefits, Nutralite adds them all in. What’s more, this dish can be made for lunch and dinner or consumed as a snack and starters, too.

Still wondering about interesting mayonnaise uses and ways to make healthy food without butter? It’s time to try these tips on the dishes that we have shared, and let your culinary skills explore new heights.

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